Bella Toscana!
We feel so lucky to be some of the first guests of this remarkable apartment in the heart of this old, rich medieval hill town. This gorgeous hilltop nest is so beautiful in your artistic gathering of furnishings – from the cozy linen-covered down filled duvets to the local art tastefully placed on the perfectly frescoed walls. We have loved exploring morning marketplaces to gather the freshest of produce, cheeses, meats and bread to prepare and enjoy from the balcony overlooking the expansive Val di Chiana valley.  It just doesn’t get much better than this.  Thanks for sharing your vision and heart with us!

Kristen Finnegan, Larry Grant and Betsy Hillman
Portland, OR



A wonderful abode in a wonderful town – centrally located to give visitors a true taste of old Italy.  The town of Cortona is a delight and everything you may have heard about Italians is true, they make you feel as though you truly belong, even if you have just met them.  Casa San Marco is MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

James Thurber 



Thank you for creating Casa San Marco with all its beauty and conveniences.  We had a wonderful time and found it was the best place we have stayed in the WORLD.  Your living there really made the difference with all the small touches you anticipated and so beautifully provided.  It raised the experience beyond what we could have hoped for.  Thank you for the experience of a lifetime and the introduction to a new way to enjoy Italy’s most perfect hill town.

Dick and Diane Lowensohn
Portland, OR 



Thank you for all you have done to make Casa San Marco such an amazing place to hang your hat.  The best thing we did  during our trip to Italy was to stay put for an entire week in your lovely little hill town.  We know we should have gone to explore other towns but we felt like we had everything we needed in Cortona and in Casa San Marco.  We spent 5 days exploring, eating, watching the view and making temporary locals of ourselves.  It is the first time in ages that we came home from a vacation feeling rested and relaxed.  I cannot wait to go back, I’m dreaming of those sun-kissed roof tiles every night.  Casa San Marco is perfect, grazie.

Aana Agee
Seattle, WA



I am glad you recommended Gelateria Snoopy.  It was really good!

Tavia Cooley, age 12
Portland, OR



What a wonderful honor it has been to stay in your beautiful home in Cortona.  Just the mention of your names to local shopkeepers puts a smile on their face and ensures a warm welcome.  It has been a gift to be surrounded by the beauty of this Tuscan hillside and the friendliness and generosity of the townspeople.  We will long remember  the chattering of the little Italian ladies below the balcony in the evenings, the pink sunsets and the passing swirls of swallows.  Your home is warm and welcoming and it is difficult to articulate how grateful we are to have experienced it.  Our hearts are forever changed, thank you.

Kim Bennett, Linda Brunner, Kathy and Graeme Sandell, Mary Jo Carson
Portland, OR



How to begin to tell you about all the great times we shared here in Cortona!  We feel we found you by fate and the visit here confirmed that it was meant to be!  You have a beautiful home and we thank you for sharing it with us!

Deb and Kent Oliver
Camus, WA



My first Italian experience exceeded my expectations due to comfortable Casa San Marco, the charming old city, the friendly people and our circle of friends joined together for a “slow food and living experience.”  We loved the kitchen and are putting together a Cucina Cortona cookbook, a memento to relive our time here.  Your Corona home reflects your store URBINO, in Portland, good taste in the tiniest of details.  Thank you for sharing your ray of Tuscan sun.

Judy Gregoire
Oceanside, OR

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